Tinker AFB, Repair HVAC and Interior, Admin Area, and South End B3, Oklahoma City, OK

Provided all labor, materials, supervision, tools, equipment, scaffolding, hoisting, etc., to deliver and install electrical and fire alarm system. KA provided electrical demo to make way for the new construction. Work included providing and installing new site utilities, new power panels, new power transformers, grounding & bonding, power to mechanical & plumbing equipment, new LED lighting, dimmers, emergency fixtures, occupancy sensors, and exterior lighting.

CBP, Various HVAC and Base Repairs, Laredo, TX

Provided all labor, materials, supervision, tools, and equipment to deliver and install new circuits and breakers. Work included demo of prior electrical systems, and temp/portable AC power hook up, weather resistant GFCI service receptacle, fire stop, controls power, temp power, branch circuits, disconnects, and breakers.