Here at KOMAN Advantage, it is our commitment to our greatest asset, our employees, to make sure they go home to their loved ones every day without incident or injury.  Never compromising on safety is the number one value of KOMAN Advantage. We strive to maintain a safety culture that our workforce believes in, as well as being led from the top, down. Our team of safety professionals brings years of experience, knowledge, and ability in protecting our employees. The continuum of training and education empowers our employees’ ability to recognize hazards in the workplace and to stop work before an incident may occur.  

We have incentivized our workforce to conduct safe work practices through the creation of the “Taking a chip out of bad safety practices” program and the issuance of the KOMAN Chip. Employees are rewarded weekly for conducting a safe working period. This safety initiative is further rewarded in additional chips, all redeemable within our company store.  We maintain a standard of training delivery weekly and monthly and continue to explore alternative forms of education delivery to reach all learning styles and environments.